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At "Residents 4 Arkansas" our mission is to help improve the rural and metropolitan communities of Arkansas by working with individuals in neighborhoods to solve their problems. Our primary goal is to give residents a loud voice by assessing the needs of individuals and families young and old alike, thus giving them the tools to work for REAL improvement!

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Saturday, October 2, 2010


The true definition of leadership!

As we keep getting closer to ELECTION DAY, many people would have you believe that if you don't vote a certain way, then basically you're condemning West Memphis and the state of Arkansas to certain death. In response to this, I just wanted to say that those people couldn't be further from the truth. Whom you vote for is your business, restoring our state is the business of REAL people like you and I, with no hidden agenda. We're NOT here to endorse a certain political figure, Independent, Republican, Liberal, or Democrat. We're here to work, we were formed to get involved and get the job done. Let's talk for a second about just what REAL leadership is. 1. It's the providing of motivation to accomplish the mission (In this case a better West Memphis and Arkansas) 2. It's the providing of direction in that mission accomplishment and 3. It's the providing of purpose, while in the pursuit of a common goal. Now ask yourself this before you go and cast your vote; "Is the candidate of my choosing providing what I as a resident want and need, or will they be able to provide this if elected?" If the answer is yes for you, then vote for that person, if the answer is no, then don't vote for that said individual. However, the most important thing to remember is to simply let your voice be heard and go VOTE! I'm here to tell you that regardless of who wins our local elections...the bottom line is that the REAL people ARE going to be the ones who seriously make a difference. As everyone is well aware of, our last poll via www.residents4arkansas.com was a tremendous success, (a total of 53 votes were cast on what residents of the West Memphis/Marion area would like to see at a proposed recreation center for young adults and veterans. The wonderful news is, that this facility will be provided at no cost to family members. I again thank everyone who has supported us along the way and rest assured that when you see us in your neighborhood, we WILL listen, we WILL work together, and WE WILL restore the pride to West Memphis and Arkansas...one community at a time!!!

Kenneth Wade Aden
"Residents 4 Arkansas"

Empowering Arkansas Communities Through Positive Action!

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