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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kim Felker: Education in Action for the 54th


Kim Felker; Education in ACTION

For those of you who have been following our “Resident 4 Arkansas” articles over the last nine months, we wish to say a great deal many thanks. As you’re aware this is the third in our series of candidate interviews dealing with the 54th Arkansas House of Representatives. In this article we’re going to feature Kim Felker, in particular who she is and what she’s hoping to bring to our area. As has been said many times, the sole purpose of these articles is to bring the election closer to you. It’s meant to enlighten, educate and inform the voters of our district on the real issues at heart. It is not meant to endorse one candidate over the other. With that being said, we personally enjoyed our most recent visit with Mrs. Felker and I must also say that her 27 years as a public teacher give her a unique perspective on the state of Arkansas education.

Age: 53

Political affiliation: (D) Democratic Party

Mrs. Felker was a teacher for 27 years within Crittenden County, and married for over 30. She’s also raised three children, and currently resides in Crawfordsville. She believes that the one thing which serves to set her apart from the other candidates in this crowded field is her strong educational background, and work ethic. She also believes that teachers hold one of the most important jobs within our state today, and that we must work to find new ways to retain the best young people to shape the leaders of tomorrow. Should you have any additional questions, or wish to volunteer in any way she asks that you please contact her 870 636 5222.

The full audio portion of this interview will be available shortly on www.residents4arkansas.com

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