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At "Residents 4 Arkansas" our mission is to help improve the rural and metropolitan communities of Arkansas by working with individuals in neighborhoods to solve their problems. Our primary goal is to give residents a loud voice by assessing the needs of individuals and families young and old alike, thus giving them the tools to work for REAL improvement!

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

A simple HELLO can go a LONG ways!

Getting to know those within your community!

Last Christmas Season a brief article was shared with everyone that we knew regarding the importance of attempting to get to know those that live within our communities, and the role that it plays in building stronger cities. How many times have we perhaps walked outside to our own mailbox, maybe even passed our neighbor quickly by along the way and all we did was just say a simple hello? Did you stop to briefly think that just maybe that simple hello could have deeper ramifications and could lead to the start of a meaningful and true friendship? For starters, let me explain a little further by sharing with you this one brief but true story.

"I wanted to share with you this amazing man, a brave man who fought hard for his country during WW2 and now helps people to connect with the lost history of their loved ones via the internet. His name is Charles Corbin and the best part is, Mr. Corbin and his lovely wife live right across the street from me." THIS IS A FACT I WOULD HAVE NEVER KNOWN, HAD I NOT TAKEN THAT STEP OUT OF MY OWN COMFORT BUBBLE! It's an intriguing fact to know that Mr. Corbin served with 3AD during the height of WWII, for those of you who might not know what that means (he was assigned to 3rd Armored Division!) He participated in numerous battle campaigns; to include the Battle of the Bulge and I'm proud to call him my friend. The reason for my sharing the story of Mr. Corbin and his wife with you is a SIMPLE one.....How many of us actually know the people who live next door? In the daily hustle and bustle of everyday life, it's so easy to forget those that live right down the road so to speak. A stronger community ='s A stronger city and YES this can start with a simple hello!

In closing, I'm certain that many of you would agree, it's TIME that we get back to the basics, and that is looking out for our neighbors and treating others like we would like to be treated. Ask yourself this question in closing...."What have I done today to make my community a better place to live?"

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