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At "Residents 4 Arkansas" our mission is to help improve the rural and metropolitan communities of Arkansas by working with individuals in neighborhoods to solve their problems. Our primary goal is to give residents a loud voice by assessing the needs of individuals and families young and old alike, thus giving them the tools to work for REAL improvement!

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Friday, September 3, 2010



Our ultimate goal at “Residents 4 Arkansas” is to give local communities and citizens alike a loud voice by assessing what it is that they specifically NEED and WANT to see done inside of their neighborhoods. As most everyone’s aware, the first area of our state which we’re slated to begin immediate work in is; West Memphis. We’re currently the ONLY community improvement group in the city of West Memphis, which intends to go DOOR to DOOR (Starting I’m proud to announce in January 2011, one month ahead of schedule.) It’s our goal to reach EVERY resident of West Memphis prior to August 2013, via a short visit with each of her 28,000 citizens, and a brief survey which we hope that YOU will be willing to participate in. It’s our intention to take YOUR gathered voice from said conducted survey straight to our elected officials namely those within the city of West Memphis, roll up our sleeves and implement projects that will serve to better the community and the state of Arkansas as a whole. Our efforts are to spread the word of REAL people working in unison to find REAL solutions for the neglected issues that exist within our NEA neighborhoods.

“Residents 4 Arkansas” is above all else NON political, and more importantly made up of everyday people who have decided to band together and work towards some REAL and tangible goals. It’s also our hope to connect citizens along the way with other existing non profits within our great city, thus working together in the fight to better our region. The goal is simple indeed, to create a vibrant more economically stable West Memphis, one where everyone is proud to say; “I LIVE IN WEST MEMPHIS, AND I'M DAMN PROUD OF IT!” Whether or not local officials choose to help and or get involved is of NO concern to us, because in the end it won’t matter, REAL PEOPLE = REAL RESULTS and it will be the REAL people like you and I who turn this city around! Of course with that being said, we look most forward to working with ALL who seriously seek to better West Memphis and her surrounding communities.

Starting in March 2011, our board of directors will select a single neighborhood within West Memphis to begin targeting our community improvement work in. Once our neighbors are satisfied with the work that has taken place within their area of the city, then we as an organization will move to another area of West Memphis to begin separate community based projects. The importance of the before-mentioned survey cannot be stressed enough as it will enable us to choose projects that RESIDENTS want to see started and above all else completed in a timely manner. Individuals who have a special need of assistance will fill out a short form that details the need and we will attempt to marry them up with other non profits that can also help them and their families during times of stress and extreme FINANCIAL duress. United, we WILL not falter or fail!

Some of the types of projects we’d like to help YOU and your families with include, but are NOT limited to; general community maintenance, house improvements for the elderly and disabled, and Metro Parks Revitalization. Our work is solely centered on your voice and what YOU want to see done. We encourage you to reach us at community4rebuilding@gmail.com should you and or your friends have any additional questions and or concerns. We will of course provide assistance for additional projects as the funds for our organization continue to grow. As it stands right now, we’ll be able to dedicate 85% of each dollar raised for community projects, with the remaining 15% going back to help offset the cost of advertisement, expenditures needed for travel, and building supplies. We’re in this for the long haul and we want to see West Memphis become the best city within the state. Our goal is to restore community bonds, and in general make West Memphis an even better place to live for EVERYONE concerned.

With Humble Regards

Kenneth Wade Aden/Director

April Paige/ Chief Community Consultant

Stephen Palmoore/ Military Vet Outreach Consultant

Katherine Vermilye/ Secretary

Michael Sefers/ Financial Director

For more information please visit us at; www.residents4arkansas.com

OR CALL US AT 901 378 1086

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