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At "Residents 4 Arkansas" our mission is to help improve the rural and metropolitan communities of Arkansas by working with individuals in neighborhoods to solve their problems. Our primary goal is to give residents a loud voice by assessing the needs of individuals and families young and old alike, thus giving them the tools to work for REAL improvement!

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Friday, March 25, 2011


Residents 4 Arkansas
Proudly presents: “Run 2 End Hunger”
launch date: April 23rd 2011
Completion date: April 30th 2011
Brief overview: The “Run 2 End Hunger”
Distance: 210 Miles to be ran by Kenneth Wade Aden of "Residents 4 Arkansas" 30 miles a day 7 days straight

The “Run 2 End Hunger” is a continuous seven day race across and throughout Crittenden County Arkansas, 210 miles total. The purpose of this race is to increase community awareness of the fact that almost 1/3rd of families here within northeast Arkansas go to bed every night without having enough access to food. This means that many children within the Delta region go to bed starving, only to awake the next morning wondering just where that next meal is going to come from. More importantly, our local food banks need YOUR support.

Detailed race overview.

Cans of food will, be pledged by individuals, and Northeast Arkansas local area businesses, with pledges of canned food being taken in lieu of money. Pledged food will be going to benefit the Good Neighbor Love Center, Department of Family Services and Clayton Temple Church of Turrell, Arkansas. Pledge dates are now open, through April 30th. A minimum pledge of 20 cans or more is required for a business and 5 cans or more per an individual that wishes to pledge. Pledges will be collected starting May 1st 2011 by “Residents 4 Arkansas.” All pledges will be collected prior to the 10th of May. Pledge sheets will be permanently maintained at the following locations; Residents 4 Arkansas and the West Memphis Chamber of Commerce. If a local NEA business wishes to maintain a pledge sheet at their office, please contact the WMCOC for details or Residents 4 Arkansas at 870 514 8515. Individuals also having general questions as to what type of food to pledge are asked to contact the following number 870 514 8515. The race will be conducted by the following organizations: “Residents 4 Arkansas.” The participant in the race will be; Kenneth Wade Aden. All pledge members, business and individuals alike will be spotlighted on our main website, regardless of the amount of pledge. The main website will also feature detailed and up to the minute race tracking information when the “Run 2 End Hunger” is actually kicked off.


The “Run 2 End Hunger” will be started at the office of the: West Memphis Chamber of Commerce on 23 April 2011 at 12pm. The end point for this race will be Tilden Rogers Park on April 30th 5pm. If a business wishes to help support this event, either in the form of beverages or food for the race participant, then they are kindly asked to contact our “Residents 4 Arkansas” Project Coordinator, Mr. Dion Hopkins at; 870 815 1804

Pledge Goal: 6,000 Cans of Food

“Run 2 End Hunger”

Stage one begins and ends at the WMCOC with the actual kickoff of the race.
Stage two, route details: Participant will head west down Highway 70, making an immediate left onto Hwy 149. The first leg of this trip will bring participant to the town of; Horseshoe Lake. A distance traveled of; 25 miles.
DAY TWO Depart Horseshoe Lake, Ar. 0800AM
Stage three: Participant will travel west out of Horseshoe Lake, (running through downtown Hughes, Arkansas.) A distance traveled of: 12.6 miles.
Stage four: Participant will then travel north, leaving the town of Hughes along Hwy 149 North to arrive at Earle. A distance traveled of: 27.9 miles. Arrive Earl at; 5PM
DAY THREE: Depart Earle: 8AM
Stage five: Participant will then travel generally east, coming to the town of Turrell. A distance traveled of 18.4 miles.
Stage six: Participate will then travel generally south to the town of Clarkedale, Ar. A distance traveled of 5.6 miles.
Stage seven: Participate will then travel generally south to the town of; Marion, Ar. A distance traveled of 7.0 miles. *Arrival downtown Marion NLT 5pm
Stage eight: Marion to Horseshoe Lake = 27.5 miles
Stage nine: Horseshoe Lake to Crawfordsville = 26.2 miles

Stage 10: Crawfordsville to Tyronza = 30.8 miles
Stage 11: Tyronza to West Memphis 29.3 miles
Arrival at Tilden Rogers Park at 6pm, with main leg of route down Missouri St, right on Broadway and past the WMCOC and onto Tilden Rogers.

Total distance traveled: 210 Miles

Logistics: “Residents 4 Arkansas” will handle all logistics associated with this event, to include transportation of food and water to race participant. The principal point of contact for “Residents 4 Arkansas” during the course of this race will be our Project Coordinator; Dion Hopkins The West Memphis Chamber is a proud supporter of what promises to be an exciting event.

Following are the individuals and business members who have pledged canned food.Pledges of canned food will ONLY be collected if I complete all 210 miles.

If anyone wishes to pledge a certain number of canned goods please call us today and help us feed a few needy families in the NEA area.

870 514 8515


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