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At "Residents 4 Arkansas" our mission is to help improve the rural and metropolitan communities of Arkansas by working with individuals in neighborhoods to solve their problems. Our primary goal is to give residents a loud voice by assessing the needs of individuals and families young and old alike, thus giving them the tools to work for REAL improvement!

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Friday, March 4, 2011

Special Election Coverage: Arkansas 54th District: 1st Interview

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Election Series Coverage: 54th District (1st Interview)

I’m certain that many of you will agree, the political landscape across our country is indeed shifting. Many people are getting frustrated with the lack of concern displayed by our elected officials and quite frankly they’re tired of the same old song and dance. With that being said however, this special election in the 54th District of Arkansas is indeed of VITAL concern. We as residents and everyday citizens deserve the best representation, and we want someone who understands our concerns and individual problems. We DESERVE that plain and simple! This series of articles is to make YOU aware of each of the candidates; Republican, Independent, and Democrat. It is NOT intended to ENDORSE one over the other. In the end, the thing which matters most is that YOU just get out and VOTE. Voting is an important part of our society, and many people have paid the ultimate price for you and I to be able to cast our votes openly and without persecution. With that being said, please let me introduce to you the first candidate whom we interviewed; Hudson Hallum. Here are a few stats on Mr. Hallum, which we think might be beneficial for you to know.

Background: Mr. Hallum currently lives in Marion, Arkansas and was born on July 31st 1983. He is a graduate of Marion High School, and attended college at; Arkansas State University. Mr. Hallum is running on the Democratic ticket in this election, and he comes from a family that's well known throughout the Northeast Arkansas Region. His father is Kent Hallum of; Hallum Motors and his mother is a partner with him in a family owned business known as: Crittenden County Emergency Medical Services. He’s worked with the West Memphis Fire Department and has played an active role in local community service endeavors. He’s also a graduate of the Crittenden County Leadership Program.

Age: 27 Years old.

Political affiliation: Democrat

Agenda for Crittenden County: It’s Mr. Hallum’s desire to use his business success as a model to hopefully spur economic growth in our region. He believes that his experience as a firefighter and paramedic have helped to give him a better understanding of our region than most. He’s also strong in his belief that we need the RIGHT representation in office, someone that will focus on the needs of the residents. Whether or not this is actually the case is for you the voter to judge in this upcoming election. We hope that you enjoy the audio interview which can be found on www.residents4arkansas.com by the end of the day.

In closing, should you have any questions concerning his campaign or want to get involved please feel free to reach him at: 1 901 301 5650

The next candidate whom we will be featuring is: D’James E. Rogers II of West Memphis, Arkansas. His audio interview will be released early next week.

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