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At "Residents 4 Arkansas" our mission is to help improve the rural and metropolitan communities of Arkansas by working with individuals in neighborhoods to solve their problems. Our primary goal is to give residents a loud voice by assessing the needs of individuals and families young and old alike, thus giving them the tools to work for REAL improvement!

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Remembering our military families this Christmas

At "Residents 4 Arkansas" we wanted to take time and wish each and everyone of YOUR families a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS. For many this year, Christmas will be a special time filled with great food, good drink and healthy family interaction. For others still, it will be a lonely time, separated by many miles of uncertainty and unwanted strain. These people whom we're talking about are the brave men and women of America's Armed Forces; Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, National Guard and Coast Guard. Each one of us know at least one military person who will NOT be able to join their loved ones in the festivities and family traditions that you and I hold so dear. We ask therefore that you pause to briefly reflect on the sacrifices that THEY have made to keep YOU and ME safe, and we ask that if you know of someone who serves in the military then by all means please continue to include them and their families in your thoughts and prayers. I was fortunate enough to have served my country for almost ten years, and during that time I found myself separated from my own family during most of the major holidays. Looking back on it, I can say with a loud certainty that those thoughts, prayers, cards and care packages really meant a great deal. It helped to ease the burden of a long deployment and it helped me as a soldier to feel better connected with everyone back home despite the conditions on the battlefield. I also wanted to take this time to share with you one letter which I received during Christmas season 2004 (in Iraq.) Every-time I read this letter, it brings a smile to my face and it makes me realize that there are so MANY great and fantastic people living in Arkansas today. For the sake of privacy I have omitted the writer's name and address.

Dear: American Soldier

I realize that you do not know me but I wanted to say thanks for all that you troops do to keep our country safe. My father was a Korean War vet, and I am so very proud of him. He recently passed away and I was truly sad that I did not get the chance to know him on a more personal level. A few months back I decided that it was time to do just that, and what I found out truly inspired me. I have therefore made it my goal to write to as many military people as possible and say thanks and of course to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I hope this letter finds you in great spirits and know that you are being thought of on a daily basis. Please accept this phone card as a small token of my appreciation for what you are doing and may God Bless. Your family should be very proud of you.

YES, there are good people out there, and our state is full of them! GO ARKANSAS GO and may our military families continue to remain strong.

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